5 Gallon Bucket ROPS Mount NON ITC

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Product Overview

Pre-Order Available for our NON ITC 5 Gallon bucket holder. This holder is designed to fit ROPS on all equipment. Unit ships with 2 different u-bolts to ensure a good fit on your machine, only one is needed for mounting. We recommend using the strap supplied with the mount for extra rigidity 

Extra adjustability built in to the holder to get it in just the right location for you and your machine. 

The clamp we use is rated for 150lbs working load and 300lbs breaking strength, there is a base for the bucket to rest on aiding in getting it clamped in place. This mount will work for more than just a 5 gallon bucket, anything that fits inside the clamp will be secure. 


Item ships with all needed hardware, and is powder coated black to ensure a long lasting attractive finish. 


Please reach out to us with any questions or comments. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review