ITC SawBoss

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$142.99 - $329.99

Product Overview

***Limited Edition Pink will be available for the month of October, we will be donating 100% of profits to Breast Cancer Research***

Introducing the one of a kind Interchangeable Tool Carrier (ITC) chainsaw carrier!

No more sloppy fit, or floppy plastic to deal with, the SawBoss is the best built chainsaw carrier on the market. It can be mounted vertical or horizontal. Bungie cords are not required but we have added plenty of holes for using one while the saw scabbard is in the horizontal position. The SawBoss is built to last, it is a ridged mounted carrier that has no flex or deflection. The pass through design allows any size bar to slide down into the carrier meaning this will work for your small saws or the big boys! With 4 different color options you will find the one to fit your machine perfectly. 

The SawBoss flush mounts onto out ITC tool plate, meaning it sits as close to the machine as possible to keep it out of the way of any obsticals you may come across. The SawBoss also flush mounts onto the outside of our Gavinized ITC Chain box. meaning you can carry up to 20ft of 3/8" chain and a chainsaw of any size at the same time. 

Being part of the ITC system means in a matter of seconds with pulling one pin the SawBoss can be removed and you can drop any of our other ITC attachments in its place. 


Dont be fooled by out injection molded plastic competitors, This will be the last saw carrier you purchase, unless you find a new for more than one! 




(No reviews yet) Write a Review